Meze Plate 45.00 TL
Stuffed Grape Leaves With Sour Cherry 35.00 TL
Mixed Cheese Plate 45.00 TL
Humus With Pastırami 35.00 TL
Grilled Halloumi Cheese Wrapped in Wine Leaves 35.00 TL
Fried Bulgur Ball 30.00 TL
Stuffed Mushroom 35.00 TL
Eggplant Pie İn Yoghourt and Tahini Bed 35.00 TL
Pastırami İn Foil 35.00 TL
Soup 15.00 TL
Ceasar Salad 35.00 TL
Green Salad 28.00 TL
Rucola Salad With Goat Cheese 28.00 TL
Tomato Salad 28.00 TL
Grilled Eggplant Salad 28.00 TL
Mantı 38.00 TL
Taglıatelle With Chicken and Cream 35.00 TL
Penne With Filet Steak and Soy Sauce 35.00 TL
Chef Special 75.00 TL
Valley Kebab 60.00 TL
Halys Tenderloin 60.00 TL
Lemon With Tenderloin 75.00 TL
Sirloin Steak 78.00 TL
Lamb Shank 65.00 TL
Lamb Chops 65.00 TL
Sıra Meatball 65.00 TL
Grilled Meatball 55.00 TL
Uchisar Chicken 50.00 TL
Vegetable Claypot 50.00 TL
Grilled Sea Bass 60.00 TL
Fig Deserts 21.00 TL
Apricot Deserts 21.00 TL
Chocolate Soufle 23.00 TL
İce Cream 18.00 TL
Mixed Fruit Plate 21.00 TL
Crispy Pumpkin 21.00 TL