Şıra Restaurant is owned and run by two partner families, Yankı and Özkıran. Our restaurant consists of two parts; first part is cave. It was carved in volcanic rock of Cappadocia  which was probably inhabited in old times  and was used  as an inn on the silk road. This cave has been restored  with loyalty to its original shape  by us   and is now used as wine cellar and also as restaurant.  Second part which  panoramic  is constructed  with  Cappadocian volcanic stone and it has  breath taking  panorama extending from Erciyes mountain  all through the fairy chimneys.  While in our panoramic  restaurant you will have whole Cappadocia under your feet, in the cave one that is also used as wine cellar, you will enjoy a typical atmosphere.

Sira is the only restaurant in Cappadocia managed by an international sommelier who also is a researcher of history of wine. It has a rich wine menu with wines selected from the best vintages of local and national producers.

Our panoramic and cave restaurants are  at your service for breakfast, lunch as well as for dinner. You can also stop there for enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with a beatiful panorama of Cappadocia.