Wine Cellar

Wine is placed at the heart of our culinary philosophy.  Şıra’s rock carved wine cellar does not only preserve wines at ideal temperature all  along the year, but is also used as the wine tasting activities and a cave restaurant for small groups.

It consists of wines chosen mainly from 4 Cappadocian producers, then from the producers of Central Anatolia that share more or less similar terroir properties with Cappadocia. Since wines are first tasted before being purchased, the wine menu is dynamic and it changes every year.This fact is also reflected on our menu by mentioning vintages.

We offer wines from  local producers like Turasan, Kocabag, Vinolus and Cotes d’Avanos; Central Anatolian producers such as Gordias that takes its name from the capital of King Midas, Trajan from Ankara that takes its name from Roman Emperror Trajan who visited the region in 1st century.